Bamboo Cane Chapati Basket, Fruit basket

Original price was: ₹999.00.Current price is: ₹449.00.

  • Cane Chapati Basket, Fruit basket
  • Handcrafted round cane chapati basket, cane roti basket
  • Made from natural cane, non-toxic, food-safe, and waterproof
  • Eco-friendly product showcasing rare artistic skills of artisans
  • Crafted from single cane without using any nails
  • Material: Willow
  • Handicraft, lightweight, and eco-friendly
  • Dimensions: L 9 inches, W 9 inches
  • Customization available, cash on delivery, free shipping
  • Manufacturer contact: 9837081931, 9997081931
Bamboo Cane Chapati Basket, Fruit basket 999.00 Original price was: ₹999.00.449.00Current price is: ₹449.00.

Introducing the Cane Chapati Basket, a versatile and eco-friendly addition to your dining table. This handcrafted round cane chapati basket is designed to add charm and elegance to your dining experience. Crafted by skilled artisans using natural cane, this basket is non-toxic, food-safe, and waterproof, making it a practical and stylish choice for serving chapatis and fruits.

Made from single cane without the use of any nails, this chapati basket showcases the rare artistic skills of the artisans who have meticulously crafted this exquisite piece. The material used is willow, known for its durability and natural beauty.

The chapati basket measures 9 inches in length and 9 inches in width, providing ample space for serving chapatis, fruits, or other food items. Handcrafted with care, this lightweight and eco-friendly basket is a sustainable and stylish option for your dining table.

For more information or to place an order, contact the manufacturer at 9837081931 or 9997081931. Elevate your dining experience with the Cane Chapati Basket, a handmade and customizable piece that combines functionality with artisanal craftsmanship.