Bamboo Cane Queen Chair for Home, Office, Garden & Balcony with Table (Set of 2 with table)


  • Handmade Bamboo Cane Queen Chair Set, perfect for home, office, garden, and balcony
  • Set includes 2 chairs and a matching table for a complete seating arrangement
  • Chair dimensions: Length 22 inches, Width 22 inches, Full Height 30 inches, Sitting Height 16 inches
  • Table dimensions: Length 36 inches, Width 18 inches, Height 19 inches
  • Sturdy construction with a weight capacity of 120 kg for reliable use
  • Chairs come with cushions for enhanced comfort
  • Free delivery for added convenience
  • Cash on delivery option available
  • For any queries, contact the manufacturer at 9837081931 or 9997081931
Bamboo Cane Queen Chair for Home, Office, Garden & Balcony with Table (Set of 2 with table) 12,000.00 6,500.00

Introducing the Bamboo Cane Queen Chair Set, a perfect addition to your home, office, garden, or balcony. This set includes two beautifully handcrafted chairs and a matching table, providing a complete seating arrangement for your relaxation and comfort.

The chair dimensions are thoughtfully designed to ensure maximum comfort. With a length and width of 22 inches, the chairs offer ample space for you to sit and unwind. The full height of 30 inches and a sitting height of 16 inches provide optimal support for your back and legs. The sturdy construction of these chairs allows for a weight capacity of up to 120 kg, ensuring reliable and long-lasting use.

The set also includes a table with dimensions of 36 inches in length, 18 inches in width, and 19 inches in height. This table provides a convenient surface for placing your belongings or enjoying a cup of tea while you relax in the chairs.

To enhance your comfort, each chair comes with a cushion, allowing you to sink into a cozy seating experience. The cushions are designed to complement the aesthetic appeal of the chairs, adding a touch of elegance to your space.

We offer free delivery of this exquisite chair set, ensuring that it reaches your doorstep without any additional cost. Additionally, we provide cash on delivery as a convenient payment option. If you have any queries or require further information, please feel free to contact the manufacturer at 9837081931 or 9997081931.

Experience the beauty and functionality of the Bamboo Cane Queen Chair Set, and transform your living space into a haven of relaxation and style. With free shipping available, now is the perfect time to bring this exceptional set into your home.


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